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“Biosynthesis is a process-orientated path of development. It recognises the individual as unique and multidimensional, and acknowledges that the individual possesses a broad spectrum of development potential, […] without imposing norms or making interpretations as to what and how a person should be.”


        (* from the mission statement of the International Institute for Biosynthesis)


The psychosomatic process of change in Biosynthesis begins in the current, individual life situation of the client. In a therapeutic relationship characterised by attunement, mindfulness and presence, resources and obstacles are discovered in the life fields of psycho-motor skills, breathing, affectivity, relationship, language, thought world and values. In this way, difficulties acquired in the course of life through dealing with core needs (character tendencies) become clear. In intensive process work, a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques from each of the life fields are used in an individualised way. In this way, the life streams of subjective meaning (thinking), affective charge (feeling) and motor activity (acting) can be re-integrated and an authentic life expression of subjective, inner essence qualities can be found.


The word “biosynthesis” means “integration of life”. Biosynthesis is a resource-oriented holistic body psychotherapy that is used in a wide range of health and psychosocial fields. Its early roots lie in the character analysis and vegetotherapy of Wilhelm Reich, the psychological synthesis of Pierre Janet and the attachment theory of John Bowlby. It draws on the findings of neuroscience and embryology, among others. Using a broad spectrum of proven methods, Biosynthesis integrates body, mind and soul and liberates the life energy.


Biosynthesis was founded more than 50 years ago by David Boadella and has been continuously developed since 1985, together with Dr Silvia Specht-Boadella and leading members of the “International Biosynthesis Training Faculty”.

Biosynthesis forges a link between the three essential aspects of human existence:


  • Somatic, or body existence

  • Psychological experience

  • Spiritual essence


Process of change through integration and relationship

We use many methods and tools: conversation, exploring movement impulses, consciously experiencing the flow of breath, therapeutic touch, vocal expression, confronting inner images and beliefs, energy work and meditation.


Together we explore what it takes for your life energy to unfold. Through differentiation and integration, new possibilities and paths emerge.


Biosynthesis addresses the basic needs of every human being in terms of physical vitality, psychological experience and essential development. 

Suggested reading:

David Boadella: Lifestreams, An Introduction to Biosynthesis

Reprinted edition: Taylor & Francis Ltd., 2016


Further Information:

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