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Manual Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul

Microkinesi (literally “small movements”) is an integrative method of manual treatment.


Developed by Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Benini, two French physiotherapists and osteopaths, the method is rooted in various medical and scientific fields. On the one hand, it is based on findings from embryology and the history of human development, and on the other, it integrates assumptions and results from conventional medicine, biology, chemistry and osteopathy.

Microkinesitherapy understands the human being as a unity of body, mind and soul.


“The human body has enormous healing potential, which unfolds its effectiveness if one can only release it.“ Daniel Grosjean

Our body is a miracle of nature and can normally heal itself. However, if influences such as pressure to perform, stress, environmental pollution or physical impacts etc. are too strong or too frequent, the body can no longer make up for them. The body begins to compensate and switches to a protective programme. This is associated with a loss of vitality in the individual tissues and leads to a wide variety of impairments and symptoms.

Following the theories of Grosjean/Benini, Microkinesitherapists speak of a lack of vital rhythm.


The task of the Microkinesitherapist is to use the hands to search on the body for those places that do not reflect vitality. In the treatment, patients are therefore systematically palpated. In this way, possible causes for the lack of vital rhythm can be found, located in the body in a completely individual way.

Once a restriction has been identified, it can be worked with: Microkinesis provides the body with the means for activating its own, individual repair mechanism and thus release potential solutions.

Microkinesitherapy is not limited to the treatment of individual symptoms, but takes into account physical as well as mental and spiritual aspects of the person in the search for causes.

Microkinesitherapy is basically suitable for patients of all ages. The treatment is gentle and the patient is treated lying down. Microkinesi can thus be used with infants and children.

Since 1984, the founders of Microkinesitherapy, especially Daniel Grosjean, have been working on its further development. The method is already known as a new form of treatment in many countries.


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